Disneyland again you say…

Yes I know, I am a Disney freak.

Next month will be by 4th trip to Disneyland, the second this year and the third in the last 20 months or so.  What can I say?  I love it!!!.  I always wanted mum and dad to take me but you know how it goes, “it’s too far, it’s too expensive”.  Yes it is a long way from Australia, but worth the trip.  Hubby and I have our annual passes ready and our accommodation is paid for at the Disneyland Hotel.  I hear you… yes it is a lot of money and we can get much cheaper accommodation, but totally worth staying at a Disney resort.  We did book other accommodation in a hotel that I have stayed at twice before (the awesome Anabella Hotel) however there is something special about staying at a Disney hotel and it was on my bucket list to visit the parks and stay at one of the hotels during the Christmas holidays.  I am looking forward to biting into a Yuletide Log and getting my own set of Christmas Mickey ears to add to my collection.  Did I mention that I want my ashes sprinkled there when I finally leave the planet??

Mickey and me
Mickey and me

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