I am ready for a Disneyland Christmas

It appears that Disneyland is now ready for Christmas (and so am I) and I am very excited about visiting at this special time of year.  This will be my first Christmas outside of Australia and quite frankly over the last few years, I have lost the Christmas spirit.  Yes; I have a whole cupboard, oh wait 2 cupboards, full of Christmas decorations that I put up religiously each year.  I put up 3 Christmas trees (you can never have too many) but even with all of the decorations it doesn’t seem the same any more.  I am hoping that a North American Christmas may revitalise my enthusiasm.

In Australia it is hot at Christmas and the oppressive heat and humidity in Queensland makes Christmas seem more like a chore than the exciting time of year it should be.  As a child I have grown up with Christmas images of Santa dressed in warm clothes ready for the colder weather so i thought to myself that this is something I wanted to experience myself (the cold Christmas, not the Santa suit) and I am confident that this change will re-ignite my Christmas Spirit.

This upcoming trip to Disneyland will be 4th but the first over the Christmas period therefore if there are any readers out there who can offer me some tips or advice, I am all (Mickey Mouse) ears!!

The photos below are thanks to the Disneyland Facebook page.



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