Disneyland Christmas

Well yesterday was rather cold and wet but there was plenty to see and do and what made it great, the crowds were down. There were no crowds in Disneyland because they were all in World of Disney!! With me!! I thought a good start to the wet day would be to tick my shopping need off the list however about 2 million others also had my great idea. Well what can I say, I did some damage on my credit card in that store. I can only thank the gods that we don’t have that store in Australia any more. I got some lovely Christmas decorations, some clothes and other bits and bobs.

Don’t be fooled, the photo above was taken a few days ago. If I took it yesterday, you would only see heads.

We went to see It’s A Small World after the sun went down and what a beautiful sight that was.


We then watched the lighting of the Disneyland castle. Isn’t it pretty? 🙂

The day ended with a visit with MM.



2 thoughts on “Disneyland Christmas

    1. It is actually a jacket and a friend of mine got it for me from Disneyland in 2013. They still have the same one this year. The best place to see any Marilyn Monroe decorations would be in Hollywood however we are not going there this time. But if I do see any, I will be sure to take a photo for you.

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