First day in New York City

First time flying Virgin America and it was pretty good. We had row 3 which is the first row after first class and had heaps of leg room. Food and drinks during the flight were complimentary and were ordered on the touch screen at your seat. I really liked that feature – I wonder if Virgin Australia will ever get that? Also anything ordered was full size not the smaller versions of juice etc. In the row in front of us, the lady had a rather large dog with her who sat at her feet on a blanket the whole flight (lots of leg room in first class). The dog was quiet the whole 5 hour flight. I didn’t even know she was there until we were getting off. Extremely well behaved unlike the brat in row 1 who screamed for about 3 of the 5 hours. Parents have you not heard of phenergen (is that how you spell it?)?? I am pretty patient with kids but that was just too much and her screams almost broke the sound barrier.

We landed about 6:50pm but didn’t get to our hotel until 8:45pm. A combination of delayed collection of luggage and traffic. After checking in we had a bite to eat at the cafe next door to the hotel. I had vegetable soup that was just like mum used to make and a chicken pot pie which was huge. This truly was comfort food and was delicious. Both dishes for $19 which I thought was pretty reasonable. We then ducked across the road to Fairway Market and got some breakfast supplies including teabags. I haven’t had a good cup of tea since arriving in the USA but past experience shows that New Yorkers do tea much better than the Angelenos.

We arrived on a warmer New York day (10 degrees Celsius) however as I write this at 7am it is only 3 degrees outside so we will have to bundle up today. One thing I am sad about is that no snow is predicted during our whole stay however as you know, weather can change – I remain optimistic.

The plan for today is to visit the museum of natural history and Alice’s Tea Cup which is an excellent tea shop near our hotel.

No photos to post yet but watch this space…


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