A day of remembrance

Today we hightailed it to the Statue of Liberty. We were on the first ferry over but had to wait outside about 30 minutes before boarding but all I can say is that I froze my nuts off! Oh wait, I don’t have any!! If I did, they would be gone. It was about 3 degrees Celsius this morning and I don’t do cold all that well.

After arriving at Liberty Island we made our way up to the crown. The staircase is very tight and there are way too many stairs but I made it! Yay!! (377 stairs to be exact).



Here is a shot of us in Lady Liberty’s crown.

The day started out rather cloudy but turned out to be rather nice and clear (but still bloody cold)


After leaving the statue, we headed over to O’Hara’s pub which is right at the 9/11 site. This Irish pub was extensively damaged on 9/11 and it has patches of all the emergency workers from all around the world on their walls, behind the bar and well, anywhere you can see. After being seated I happened to look up and guess what I saw? 3rd down from the top of the timber post I was looking directly at, there was a Queensland Police patch staring right at me. Who would have thought I would find that amongst the hundreds (probably more) I would see our local cop patch. Pretty cool. The food? The clam chowder was awesome and creamy and hit the spot after being outside in the cold for hours.

We then went to the 9/11 museum. What can I say? Nothing really. Here is some photos to remind you of that terrible day.









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