Christmas Eve

Today was rather wet so I am extremely glad I packed the Goretex jackets. Saved us from getting wet. Usually we can see the Hudson River from our hotel room but the misty rain and low clouds prevented that as you can see in the photo below. The rain has kept the cold away though and today is the first day I didn’t need to wear thermals.

We went to Radio City Hall today to watch the Rockettes Christmas Spectacular which was great. Really put you in the Christmas mood. Here are some pics which really don’t do the show justice however you get the gist.










After the show we went and ate fat food at Bobby Van’s Steakhouse. I ordered a burger with fries and onion rings and hubby had an open steak sandwich. For those of you who don’t know, when ordering a burger in the US you always get asked how you would like it cooked and I always order medium rare. The meat was about 1 inch thick. In Oz you mostly get grey flat burgers which are often hard and dry. Now if you are thinking about your diet, don’t even look at the pics below.


We then walked around the Rockefeller Centre and I took some pics but they are very dull due to the weather. In the last photo, where the blue umbrella is, this would have been the spot where Kevin McAllister (Home Alone 2) stood just when his mother found him.







The weather is meant to start clearing the next day or two so next blog I will hopefully be able to put up some more colourful pics.


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