Christmas Day

We made our way to the Waldorf Astoria (Peacock Alley) for lunch today. There was quite a number of people trying to get tickets but they sold out in October apparently. Luckily I decided to order ours online. But hey that’s me, I like to plan ahead :). After being seated, we were presented with Mimosas and our waiter looked after us well. The service was very good. We then got up to tackle the buffet – where do you start? I had clams, lobster, prawns (shrimp), but they aren’t as good as Aussie prawns, blinis with creme fraiche and caviar. That was a great start. I then had charcuterie, pot-stickers and glazed ham which was very tender. You cannot visit the Waldorf Astoria without having Waldorf salad as the Waldorf Hotel was the creator of this salad in the late 1890’s (just a bit of trivia). Oh, by the way, the salad was great. Fresh fruit followed and then came the Bombe Alaska, panacotta and last but not least, the chocolate fountain. Don’t be alarmed, all of the desserts were bite size so you could sample quite a few. The hot apple cider to finish off the meal was sweet and hot. Below are some pics of our lunch and the Waldorf Astoria hotel.











After finishing lunch we wandered down to Grand Central Station where I also took some photos of the Chrysler Building. That building is architecturally amazing. We then made our way to Times Square and 2 million other people also had that great idea. Guess what? They all had my idea of going into the M&M’s shop too. Bugger! I love the M&M’s store, all 3 levels as it is so colourful. You can actually get personalised M&M’s but the line to do that was rather long. You do pay through the nose for them though, but would be great especially for a wedding etc.







Across the road to Hershey’s and we were all chocolated up. The choccies will fill a suitcase alone.
Below are some random photos taken outside the New York Public Library, Bryant Park and Times Square.






Tonight we are in early as we are travelling to Woodbury Common tomorrow for some therapy at the outlets. My therapy, not hubby’s, he will probably have a stroke tomorrow night if I end up having a good day. I hope you all had a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukah or Feliz Navidad.


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