Philadelphia in a day

I will give you a tip – you cannot see this very interesting city in one day!

The 7:30am train got us into Philly about 8:20am and the trip out was very nice – had a cat nap along the way. Here is the view of the New York City skyline at that time of the morning. You can just see the World Trade Centre.

Before we left New York, we were waiting in the Amtrak waiting area and I noticed that one of the monitors was giving instructions what to do in the event of a gunman being on the loose. Get down low, hide behind a solid wall, keep phone silent, ring 911 when you can. Now I have seen everything. Scary to think that it may be a possibility though. Not sure how Australians would deal with seeing that in our train stations.

Back to Philly….

If you know the movie National Treasure then you will appreciate visiting Philadelphia. Below is the photos of the National Mall which features in the film. I believe that they actually filmed the scenes in a replica of this building.

One thing we noticed when we arrived was that the line to view the Liberty Bell wasn’t very long. Stupid us decided to go on a hop on hop off bus tour first and when we were finished, the line for the Liberty Bell was outrageous. I told hubby I wasn’t coming all this way not to see the bell. We waited about 45 minutes. Guess what the hold up was, bag searches. I mean bag searches! They go through that sucker with a fine tooth comb. You also have to lift your jacket above your waist and turn in a circle to make sure you aren’t packin’ no gun! Liberty Bell – check.



The hop on hop off bus tour gave us an overview of the city. Many of the buildings are beautiful and we really would have liked more time to explore. We got off at stop 22 and went to the world famous 4th street deli. After being seated, we were given a bowl of coleslaw and pickles which I enjoyed. Here is a photo of our lunch, that we shared. It’s called the corn beef special.

We went to Christ’s Church burial ground where Benjamin Franklin is buried.



We also saw the “Rocky” statue and stairs that Rocky Balboa runs up in the first movie. Photo is not great from a moving bus. Can you believe they are making a Rocky 7?

Did you know that the first United Stated post office was in Philadelphia? It is the only post office without an American flag flying out the front. This is because the post office pre-dated the flag.

We also saw the actual room where the Declaration of Independence was signed.

The 30th street train station was also very nice. We actually saw a wedding party having their photos taken inside.



Who could forget the movie The Sixth Sense? Below is a picture of the house where Hayley Joel Osment famously says “I see dead people”.

Here are some more pics of our day in Philadelphia. I would like to go back one day.












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