Last day in New York

1 January 2015. Our last full day in New York City after another amazing holiday. 

I wanted to take some pictures in Central Park so we walked for hours. The day was very cold so we rugged up and headed out mid-morning. 

I really was hoping to get a bit of snow while I was there as I wanted photos of snow in the park, but that didn’t happen and it was the only part of the holiday I was disappointed with. Mother Nature is totally beyond my control but hey I see it as another opportunity to visit in the future. 

What did we do and what did we see?

I love the warm nuts from the vendors which we visited not once, but twice.  A squirrel or two put on a show for us and the lakes were starting to or had frozen over. We had some fun tossing stones through the ice, or at least we tried to. The ice did not break nor crack. 


   You can see the ice in the pond behind us just starting to freeze. 

  Bethesda fountain – empty


The beautiful tiles in Bethesda Terrace


 Cheeky squirrel


  Love this pic for its depth of field

  Trying to capture the essence of New York

  Ice from the lake

We came across something rather incredible. On the ground in the park was a hawk eating its prey. I have only ever seen this on TV but seeing it so close was nature at its best (or worst depending how you interpret it). It was quite happily eating while people gathered around. 

  If anyone knows what type of hawk this is, please let me know. 

  We had a bite to eat at Tavern on the Green while outside a couple were getting married. They came into the restaurant and sat next to us. Obviously only a small gathering. We had a very eventful day. 


 Buying more nuts – just love them

That’s it. Our last day is drawing to a close. 😦


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