NYE in Times Square 2014

Well, I have finally gotten around to writing my review of our New Year’s Eve celebrations at Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. in Times Square. The day was very cold and by the time we left the hotel to go to the venue it was about -5 Celsius. I was planning to wear a dress but changed my mind and wore pants with a glittery shirt to get me in the party theme.   We had to meet a Bubba Gump staff member on the corner of 8th ave and 44th street at 9pm. We got there a tad early so watched the revellers while waiting. Some unexpected action with a man only in his boxers being wrestled to the very cold ground by the NYPD. Not sure what his crime was but there were a ton of police surrounding him. He was taken away in handcuffs.   The crowd was generally well behaved that early and the vibe was great. I have never seen so many people in my life and that was nothing compared to the crowd we discovered in Times Square!!

About 4 NYPD checkpoints later we were at the venue and sat in the seats at the back of the restaurant, right near the DJ. I was super excited and I thought how lucky we were being warm inside the venue when others were braving the cold outside and had been for many hours. No way in hell would I be doing that. That made the cost of our tickets so much more justified. 

We were given party bags with hats and we had our own flashing glasses that I had bought while in Disneyland.   


The drink and food selections were great but the best part was the view. We could easily see the ball drop from Bubba’s windows and the vibe outside was electric. Lots of balloons and streamers being tossed around. I would hate to be on clean up duty afterwards.  Below are some pics. 



There was plenty of seafood and just about any drink you wanted. We were even told there was certain glasses we could keep as a souvenir. I got a set of 4 Blue Moon beer glasses. At midnight we were given champagne and everyone continued to eat and drink until 2am when it was all over. The night went so fast as we were having such a great time. 


 A tonne of confetti dropped at midnight (literally)

Just after midnight, the cops moved the people outside away from Times Square and it was emptied pretty quickly.  When we left there was not too many people there and I stopped to take a couple of photos but the cops ushered me out pretty quick but they were good about it though. 

On the way out we got to take some goodies and got our souvenir t-shirt. We got some chocolates, hot chocolate mix, christmas baubles, sipper mugs, key rings etc. 

  Our stash

2014 was over. 

Bucket list, a huge big tick. 



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