We stayed at the Grand Californian hotel which is right inside Disney California Adventure (adjacent to Disneyland) and this hotel is quite spectacular. 

Here is a photo of the outside of the hotel. 

Here is a photo of the door leading into the lobby and the lobby. The photos really do not show its true beauty. 

Our room. 

We had quite a good view of the nightly fireworks from our balcony. They are very loud and the first night they whole us on the dot of 9:30pm. 

Here are just a few random photos 

The weather was pretty good. There was a chill in the air but not too freezing. Certainly needed jeans and a number at night. 

One of our favourite bars is in the Disneyland hotel called Trader Sams.  The drinks are good and very colourful. 

We ate some amazing things while we were here. Below are just a couple of pics. 


2 thoughts on “Disneyland

  1. Looks amazing! Food looks great too. Really like the pic of you and Darryl together.

    Omg. The gorilla has my Aunty!!! Lol Did you see the news about the kid and gorilla in Texas? Tragedy if you ask me! At least the kid is ok.

    In the hotel room, did you guys make use of both the huge beds or cuddle up in one together? 🙂 I can imagine after so many years of marriage having your own bed would be quite a novelty.

    Mum and I are booked for Fiji on july 29 for a week. Bring on the sunshine.

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    1. We slept in the queen bed but it is common to have two queen beds in a room in the USA. Yes saw the news about the gorilla – shame. In our photo it is actually Chewbacca 😀. Food is great and I am constantly in a food coma. I bet you are looking forward to Fiji. Not long to wait x


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