Vancouver (pre-cruise) 22 May 2016

Off to Vancouver on what happens to be my 50th birthday.  Got picked up at 4:20am to go to LAX. I hate flying within the USA. They always seem unorganised. If ever you want to complain about an Australian airline, then don’t!!  We have it way better and much more organised. Overhead lockers fill up really quickly so if you have hand luggage then you need to get on the plane asap or you risk having it checked at the gate. Also our seats were not even assigned until we boarded as they don’t do it at check in. Well not on Delta anyway.  We were told they over-booked the flight so there was no way we were going to miss that sucker as we were going on our cruise the next day. 

We arrived in Vancouver on time along with three A380 planes from China!  I think the whole population just arrived. Getting through immigration was a nightmare.  Many of them needed an interpreter so they had to go to a different line but didn’t understand that they had to do that and they held up the whole airport. I wonder if border security was filming at the time as I expect they would have had some good fodder for their show. 

We were collected by a guy holding up his iPad with our name on it and loaded into a huge Lincoln. We could have had a party in the back of that thing there was so much room. 

We arrived at the Fairmont Waterfront hotel around 1pm and the lobby was crazy busy. Many people had just arrived and were leaving on cruises. 

Thankfully we got into our hotel room straight away. And below is the view from our room. 

When we checked in the hotel gave me a voucher for 2 complimentary glasses of champagne for my birthday. After dropping our bags we headed out for something to eat and went to a pub called The Steamworks. We weren’t sure what beer to have so we ordered 2 flights of 8 different beers. 

My family organised a bottle of champagne to be sent up to the room which was delivered around 5:30pm. After drinking champagne we ordered room service as I was too lazy to go out.


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