Arrived in Juneau about 6:30am and as we hopped off the ship we had to meet Coastal Helicopters to take us on our helicopter/air boat tour at 7:30am. Such an early start. As we arrived at the heliport we were weighed and seated in the helicopter according to our weight. We suited up with waterproof pants and special boots that slid over our shoes that had cleats on them for walking on the ice. There was 4 people including us in the ‘copter and I got to sit in the front seat – score 😀

This was my first time in a helicopter which was pretty exciting and after taking off our pilot flew us straight over the mountains. There was so much snow and it was truly breathtaking. 

We then landed on a platform which was on the glacial lake where we boarded the air boat. We had to put on a water and wind proof jacket. 

We had to wear earphones on the boat due to the noise and it was absolutely freezing. The driver took us to a glacier but we couldn’t get too close as it was still calving into the water. We then went to another glacier which we could go right up to and touch. The ice is amazing as it is so dense it takes absolutely ages to melt. It also weighs just about nothing. 

We were then picked up by the helicopter and taken to another glacier where we landed. The colour of the ice is amazing and when you look down the cracks they go down as far as the eye can see and the sound of the water running below is very loud. 

Here are a couple more photos of our ride. 

After the helicopter ride we got dropped off in town so we could explore a little. The weather was rather warm in town and seeing as we were in Alaska, I wanted to find somewhere to order Alaskan king crab legs. We ended up going to Tracey’s crab shack and I ordered one king crab leg and a massive claw for $34.00. It was awesome. Shame hubby doesn’t eat crab as you could get a whole bucket of legs for $99 but it was way too much for me to eat alone. 

Next stop -Ketchikan


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